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Markets and the potato chain


Because of the different functions of the potato, the market can be categorized into different segments. Potato varieties can have particular characteristics that make them more suitable for a particular segment, for example processing for French fries, crisps, starch or pre-peeled products. Other varieties can be sold in retail, of which there are specialities or baby potatoes which form a different segment.


At Plantera we focus mainly on the fresh export, fresh retail, peeled and specialities markets. But we also have varieties that are suitable for other segments. See here for our varieties.




Our growers of seed or ware potatoes maintain high standards from our starting material. After all, start as you mean to go on. High-grade seed can only be produced by experienced and quality conscious growers. One mistake in the production process can damage the quality of the seed enormously. That is why we work closely with our growers to optimize the production process. Together we learn more about our varieties. We think it is important to share our knowledge and experience to make sure the varieties are cultivated in the right way, in the optimum conditions. For Plantera, quality goes above quantity.




Our buyers are growers of ware potatoes, traders and packers. By listening to our customers and with our knowledge of the market, we can determine what varieties are best suited for a customer's needs. Each variety has specific characteristics and we like to deliver a range of different potatoes. We make sure that we know the batches by testing and sharing our cultivation knowledge and go for optimal quality seed. Good service is what you can expect from us.




Where would we be without satisfied consumers! Characteristics like taste, colour and shelf life are important characteristics that we consider early in the process, especially in the fresh produce market. There is an appetite in the market for nice light and dark yellow potatoes' and for special varieties that have, for example, two colours or a specific taste. We like to surprise the consumers with the versatility of the potato!

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