Heading into the future

Plantera aims at further developing their new strong varieties. For this, we are expanding and upgrading our breeding station in Wieringerwerf. We do not aim to expand on the number of varieties but create a limited number of exceptional varieties for each market segment with characteristics that suit both the grower and the buyer.

To expand our seed potatoes outside of the Netherlands, we work together with partners with whom we have long-standing relationships. The varieties are mostly cultivated under license, aimed at quality and reliability.

2019 - Growth

Over 5 years, the team at Plantera has grown to six. Founders, Gerard Bovée and Jeroen van Soesbergen, have been joined by two colleagues who support the breeding station in developing new varieties, and two colleagues who work on logistics, planning, administration and marketing. In addition, we collaborate at an international level with representatives in various countries around the world.

2018 - Building the glasshouse

At the breeding station in Wieringerwerf, a new glasshouse was built. Here we work on new varieties by cross-breeding, sowing, raising clones and selecting.

2017 - More segments

In the beginning, Plantera focused primarily at retail potatoes. However, over the years, the range of product has increasingly expanded. There are now varieties available that are perfectly suited for the processing of crisps, French fries or peeling. In addition, Plantera has added special varieties to their retail selection. These 'specialities' have a specific colour, shape or taste.


2016 - Plantera Seed BV

Plantera Seed BV was established to maintain our bespoke varieties and their associated activities. The selection, testing and building up of our unique varieties happens mainly at our breeding station at Wieringerwerf.

2014 - Start of Plantera

Gerard Bovée and Jeroen van Soesbergen started a potato breeding and trading company, Plantera. The two founders have years of experience in the potato industry, in breeding, production, logistics and sales. They both could see good opportunities, particularly in the retail markets, and started with the licensed varieties of KWS Potato B.V.

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