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Gerard Bovée



General manager – Sales, production and licensing


About me:

About me: I enjoy being active in all aspects of the potato development and production chain. At Plantera, I am committed to getting involved with the whole process, from getting my hands dirty in a field through to the delivery of the end product to the customer. It is important to me that our growers are well supported with their questions and that needs are addressed quickly so that they can focus their efforts on producing the best product. This commitment to our relations and the product is what it is all about, while we at Plantera, remain true to ourselves.


Jeroen van Soesbergen



General manager - breeding station manager


About me: Daily contact with our people in the entire potato development and production chain; that is the power of Plantera and to me, the most interesting part of working there. Our business develops by seeing opportunities and, where possible, seizing them. Our small team and collaborative approach offers those opportunities and together with a fantastic team and a beautiful product we can achieve a lot.

Linda Heupink



Administration – marketing – variety registration


About me: Within Plantera I am responsible for running various functions of the business behind the scenes so that others can remain focused on primary processes and the product. A job that suits me well and which I very much enjoy.

Bob Koelmans





About me: I love the diversity of my work at Plantera, my contact with the clients and growers and embracing new challenges. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of tasks that come with each season. For me, every day is different, which I find very satisfying. On top of that, I also have very nice colleagues!

Jason Kramer



Breeding station


About me: The nice part about my work is the diversity of the role and the challenges that come with breeding a specific variety. I love to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

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