What we do and why

The name Plantera


The name Plantera is derived from the word 'planter': working closely with the soil and the product. We liaise directly with our growers and customers allowing for agile and efficient decision making, close to the source.

A close professional relationship is key for us. We take pride in our great involvement with customers, growers, suppliers and colleagues. Each of them is unique, and when we listen to each other, together, through collaboration, we can achieve great results which distinguish us from others. Passion for the product and the satisfaction of our work is what drives us forward.

Plantera in short

  • Activities: Breeding, testing, purchasing, sales, cultivation support, customer support.
  • Market segments: Fresh, French fries, crisps, peeled, starch and specialty varieties.
  • Varieties: Own exclusive varieties and free varieties such as Agria, Charlotte, Désirée, Hermes, Nicola and Spunta.
  • Area: ± 450 ha.
  • Cultivation: 325 hectares of seed potatoes in the Netherlands.
  • Growers: 65.
  • Organic: approx. 20% of our cultivation and trade is organic.
  • Ware Potatoes: cultivation of ware potatoes of our exclusive varieties, to support the growers and to introduce the varieties into the market.
  • Licensed cultivation: Among others in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Canada.
  • Customer base: In more than 25 countries in the regions of Northwest Europe, Southern Europe and North Africa, often in collaboration with local representatives.
  • Production levels: 8,000 tons of seed potatoes and 8,000 tons of consumption per year.

Why we do this

Based on our vision of quality, we see four key elements in what we do:

  • Breeding reliable new varieties
  • Supplying high quality seed potatoes
  • Providing clear agronomic advice
  • Supporting our customers with the sales of exclusive varieties

Together, these four elements make up a complete chain of success: with good variety characteristics and careful cultivation by experienced growers, high quality seed potatoes are produced. This will result in good yields of our ware potatoes, which ensures good marketing & sales opportunities for both seed and ware potatoes.

We work as much as possible with our growers to optimize the production process. Plantera works in the entire chain together with middle-sized companies focusing on our own strong varieties.

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